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The last mile. Perceivable chemistry.

Why does some porn get me hard every time? Why do some pairings flop even though both are hot as fuck? Been running it over and over in my head. If I can identify it, I can make sure to employ it. I think High Performance Men knows a large part of it… Chemistry.

In animation, realistic facial animation is considered to be the last great feat to be achieved. Subtle motions, balances, coloring… Too subtle to say “yes that’s it!”. I think it’s the same in porn. The subtle way the body moves differently, the tone in the voice, the familiarity and interplay… Chemistry.

The subtle indefinable ways people mesh better if they like each other… That’s the best porn.


Food poisoning and “Winter is coming”

Yesterday I had a bout of food poisoning. Not fun. Still hurts to eat protein. But a couple days before that I was tending to someone who also had food poisoning, but didn’t know how to recover. I guess I was lucky to have some old household tricks up my sleeve… So in the spirit of winter, the flu and all things stomach turning, here’s some tips.

Your stomach wants a break, at first. If you rush to the next step, you’ll regret it because even the remedies will get tainted. Give it 6-12 hours depending on how severe. Sip water if you need it. SIP! not gulp.

Your stomach wants it easy for a while. Just like you don’t want to do hard math when you’re tired or out of it, your stomach is going to accomplish the most if you give it problems it can handle. Here’s where the home remedies start. Cola syrup over ice chips/crushed ice. Sip it. Let the ice chips melt in your mouth, diluting it. Cola syrup is harder to find these days, but has always worked for me. Alternatively, coke with most of the carbonation stirred out of it works almost as well. The slight carbonation can dislodge any discomforting gas. - BELCH-

That step can take up to a day before you’re ready for the next. It all depends on how you’re feeling. Toast and pedialite come next. Small bites. Sips.

Chicken (or this time of year turkey stock is easy to find too) broth with baked red baby potatoes. Small cups of yogurt. Slowly moving into more and more complex foods as your stomach permits. Don’t push it. You can get all the way back to square one! Protein bars, steak, chicken tika masala…. Anything heavy or spicy or complex, should be a few days or even a week out.

To me it was common sense because I grew up with these little tips and tricks. Guess it’s not common anymore. Here’s to wishing you don’t need it, but there’s my little tip to you!


Too much of a good thing…

Most of the time when we consume too much of a vitamin, bcaa or other building blocks, our bodies simply excrete them. Sometimes they build up though or take a tax on your body.

So when shopping for a multivitamin, don’t look for big pills that provide 200%… Look for ones that are 25% and can be taken twice daily. The 200% will either be peed out or build up. Special warning this cold and flu season, zinc! Zinc is a metal! It does help bolster your immune system, but again, easy does it!


Oops… Updates. And vegetarian made easy!

It’s been a busy month for me. Lots of shoots. Lots of planning and upgrades in my other job.

Followers of my twitterfeed know that I eat vegetarian the week before a shoot. It’s let’s me cut up quickly without losing energy or muscle. Typically lower fats, easier to digest and good chance to change the diet up. And I don’t stay on the diet for long bc I have found I need meat to gain strength and mass… Not to say it can’t be done… I just haven’t found that combination.

Starting a vegetarian diet can be difficult for many. Here’s some hints.

Find an Indian or South Asian restaurant. Many of these will carry a broad range of vegetarian options. You -should- be able to find something you like.

Try out the morning star brand. Most of their items I’ve enjoyed and a lot of them are good meat substitutes.

Jasun Mark took me to a restaurant in SF called Source. Highly recommend the food. The service, not so much… But the food yes.

Avoid soy based products though. Soy causes estrogen release. The more soy, the more estrogen.

Beans are a good source of protein as are most nuts. Nuts, however, often clog things up and can be fatty (I’m looking at you cashews and pistachios) and often doused in sodium/salt.


The glycemic index… the big change in nutrition science

If you’ve looked into diets or changing your nutrition, you’ve probably already heard this term.

And a quick search in google will bring up a LOT about it. As always… verify the source.

It (Glycemic Index) is part of what made the Atkins diet fad and the South Beach Diet lifestyle (parents lost close to 50 lbs each and only regained 10 after) function.

What is it?

The glycemic index, in REALLY overly simplified terms, is the load of glucose your body will produce/convert from a certain food. Sugars, glucose and fructose are obviously near 100%, while others are much much lower. In some cases foods are so low on GI that it actually costs your body calories to make the conversion. 

Why does that matter?

Your body needs energy to run. It doesn’t always need the same amount of energy and it doesn’t take that energy in at a constant rate. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are charge up times. Depending on your activity level, you’ll have varying expenditures of that energy. Think of your body like a car. You go to the gas station or charging station when you need fuel. You don’t always have to be feeding the car, the gas tank or batteries take care of that.

Where this analogy falls flat on it’s face is that your body will consume the fuel in a very short time and convert it to it’s long term storage of choice, fat. Your car doesn’t get fat bc you can’t give it too much fuel. You know how much it takes to get it full and any extra gas spills out. 

Some foods take longer to convert bc they take a more complex process or have interference in the way. These foods less readily convert to fat bc your body can use the energy as it comes in. That’s the big take away about the glycemic index. Slower burning fuels don’t convert to fat as easily.

Now granted, if you put in SO much slow burning fuel, you’ll still have more than you use and it will still convert to fat.

Another take away… put things in the way of foods that do convert. White bread, converts right away. Whole wheat, converts slower. Whole Grain/Multi Grain, converts slower still. Why? Fiber and other unusable parts. The parts that get in the way of your body getting right to the sugar/glucose/fructose underneath. This is part of why fiberous fruits, like Apples, only give you a slow charge of energy… but a banana will give you a little spike.

Why do I think this is a big change in nutrition? It’s relatively young. Wasn’t really till the 70’s that foundational research was done and not till the millenium that it really came into it’s own.

Even now we’re learning that protein, while key to rebuilding and providing the blocks your body needs, isn’t the only piece. You have to give your body a little bump of energy to use that protein as it comes in. If you consume a long burning fuel and a long lasting protein type, you’ll notice your body responding well. If you add onto that a medium burning fuel with your whey protein shake right after a good lift, you’ll notice your body building and restructuring even better.


What does it mean when someone says “chest-day”, “leg-day”, etc? It means that’s the group that they chose to focus on. General rule of thumb, give a muscle 2 days to recover. If you do a full-body workout and then hit it again the next day… you won’t grow. You’ll tone up. You’ll burn calories (and if you don’t eat more than your body consumes, you’ll burn fat). But you won’t grow muscle mass. I’ll go more into this on a full post later.


Second day back to the gym after Folsom. Back day!

When I started, I dreaded working my upper back. It was by far the muscle group I struggled the most with. Rows never seemed to really grow them. Lat pulls would plateau often. So what’s changed? Why am I proud of the muscles I once dreaded?

It’s mostly thanks to my best friend. He’s always been one to push me to be more, go further. The exercises he added (one thats halfway between a seated row and a lat pull, another that uses the lat pull bar but you push it down with locked arms) really helped me.

A trainer can show you exercises and boss you around… But a friend is going to encourage and amplify you. Thanks, bud. These wings are custom built by you.